"I would highly recommend this Contractor for outstanding services..." 

"The contractor's employees leaned in, worked on nights and weekends, so that they could assist... in meeting deadlines." 


"The contractor's employees demonstrate an exceptional skill in prioritizing work related to multiple matters... The contractor's employees are extraordinarily flexible and excel at multitasking on tasks with competing deadlines."

"The contractor's employees have outstanding technical knowledge and skill."  


                                                                Program Manager

                                                                DHS Headquarters

"We recommend Intelligence Federal without reservation and believe this company and its  personnel will do an outstanding job for your needs."  

"Intelligence Federal provides the highest level of services and exceeds our expectations." 

"Contractor has provided excellent services and has produced quality work products... in a prompt and professional manner.  The work products are well developed... complete... and correct.

"The Contractor is extremely conscientious, efficient, and well organized." 

"The Contractor maintains sufficient professional staffing and support to provide quality and timely services to the Government at all times."  

                                                                       Contracting Officer Representative

                                                                       US Department of Energy

"Given what I know about the contractor's ability to perform in accordance with this contract or order's most significant requirements, I would recommend them for similar requirements in the future."

"The contractor was able to complete all required work in a very efficient and timely manner, thus allowing [the U.S. Government] to meet critical path schedules." 


"The contractor has worked very hard to complete all work within a very short suspense date for period of performance. The contractor was required to overcome many difficult obstacles... [delivering] on schedule."


"The contractor demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by building an exceptional team that remains committed to meeting and exceeding the Governments needs. In a very short period of time the contractor recruited and retained highly skilled and resilient team to assist with the orders. All team members worked closely and communicated efficiently with the Contracting Officers Representative and Reviewing officials to complete all work in a timely manner." 


"Overall the contractor seems to perform exemplarily in their duties and all team members maintain the highest of ethical standards.  Mr. Yim and his team performed all task in a very responsive manner and were very sensitive
to the mission requirements... Mr. Yim should be commended for his willingness to provide such a unique and streamlined approach..."

                                                               Program Manager/COR

                                                               US Army Corps of Engineers

"Overall Quality is excellent and the exceptional rating is justified based upon approximately 20 months of Contractor performance."

"The Contractor performs exceptionally within the fixed price parameters of the contract."

"The Contractor is cordial, pleasant, business-like, professional and extremely attentive to the business relationship."

"All Contractor personnel are exceptionally well-managed."

                                                               Program Manager

                                                               Department of Defense